Announcing!!!  Two new litters are here and we are waiting on 2 more!!!  Check out the CURRENT PUPPIES tab!!

Hollie gave birth on 10/25/19 to 10 tri colored and tri roaned puppies.  1 is still available!!! (male)

Maia has 7 beautiful puppies, born 11/12/2019. 2 are available (male)

Hollie and Maia puppies are all tri colored and tri colored roan.

Ellie Rose is due December 19, 2019.

Liver/White, Black/White, Tri colored and Tri roans are expected.

Taking deposits now.


Sawyer is the sire of all Rocky Mountain's litters.  He loves to hunt and has a fantastic pedigree.  His disposition is so sweet, loving, affectionate and great with kids. He will just lie at my feet and keep them warm.  Sawyer is a very very loyal friend.


Elisianna Rose

Kimber Leigh is a black and white girl that will bring us blue roans, black and whites, liver/white, tri colored and tri roans.  She is so full of life!  Loving the outdoors, she runs and hunts all the time.  She is very affectionate and with her sweet brown, soulful eyes, you cannot possible turn her down.  She is awesome with kids, loves to sit between my legs and has such a sweet disposition that can't be beat!


Esther is going to be a hunting machine!  She cannot go anywhere without something in her mouth!  When it comes down to it she will break off a weed and carry that!  She has her nose to the ground and her eye out for all the rabbits! She is a character!  A very sweet and loving character.  She is a fantastic family dog and loves attention.  She is liver tri colored and when bred with another tri colored dog will only produce tri.  When bred with a bi colored dog she will produce both.

Look at those eyes!  They say it all.  The eyes are the windows to the heart.  This girl has a huge, loving, sweet heart.  She is a very affectionate love and enjoys hunting every morning on our walks.  She is a terrific companion.  She is black and white and has the tri color recessive gene so will produce all color combinations when bred with Sawyer. 

Kyrie Elaison


Sophie AnnE

Ellie Rose is a gorgeous blue roan.  She has the genetics to produce all combinations of markings and colors.  She loves hunting the rabbits in the wood pile and chasing birds and other critters in the field.  She has a wonderful disposition, playing well with puppies and dogs alike.  Ellie Rose is very affectionate and loves to lie by my side when in the house.  She is a fabulous companion and hunter.

Kimber Leigh (Lay)


Esther PopoAgie

Maia is a dog from a Kimber/Sawyer litter.  She is my son's dog and is a Guardian Dog.  She is a gorgeous blue tri roan with a fun loving personality.  She is a super snuggler and wants to be with people all the time.  She gets along great with other dogs and has great hunting instincts.  She will make tri colored and tri colored roan puppies. 

Kyrie Elaison (KEE-ree-ay  ee LAY son)  Kyrie is out of O'Shea Springer's Prim Rose and Hunter.  .  She is black tri colored with a spunky, fun personality.  She loves the outdoors and going on walks with me.  She is very loving, affectionate, great with kids and even quite laid back and will make a fabulous family dog.  She will bring tri colored and tri roan to our litters.     

Hollie is a gorgeous liver tri roan.  She will produce only tri colored or tri colored roan puppies.  If you notice from the pictures when she was born she was almost all white.  Her whole body has roaned and the liver color has become a copper color probably due to the sun. She is a very affectionate, sweet girl.  She is on the petite side so could produce a smaller dog.  Hollie loves the outdoors and loves to be with me where ever I go.  She is a great companion, family dog and field dog. 

Rocky Mountain Springer Spaniels

Sophie is Teagan's niece and has amazing hunting instincts just like Teagan!  She is sweet, loving, full of life, and affectionate.  Sophie is incredibly eager to please and has learned things without's like she already knows the English language.  She is amazingly intelligent.  She loves being in the field running and using her nose.  What a fun spunky dog she is!!!  She is a wonderful family and hunting dog. Sophie knows what you want of her before you even ask.  Sophie will have liver/white and liver/roan puppies.

Tom Sawyer