Teagan Marie


Kimber has one black tri colored female still available.

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Tom Sawyer

Kyrie Elaison

Rocky Mountain Springer Spaniels

Kimber Leigh (Lay)


Sawyer is the sire of all Rocky Mountain's litters.  He loves to hunt and has a fantastic pedigree.  His disposition is so sweet, loving, affectionate and great with kids. He will just lie at my feet and keep them warm.  Sawyer is a very very loyal friend.

Kyrie Elaison (KEE-ree-ay  ee LAY son)  Kyrie is out of O'Shea Springer's Prim Rose and Hunter.  Kyrie is a new addition to RMSS.  She is black tri colored with a spunky, fun personality.  She loves the outdoors and going on walks with me.  She is very loving, affectionate, great with kids and even quite laid back.  She will bring tri colored and tri roan to our litters.     

Teagan is my sweetie dam.  She is the premier dam with liver and white or liver/roan puppies.  She has a fabulous disposition, loves to play with Sawyer and the family.  Teagan comes from fabulous hunting lines.  They don't come any sweeter than this girl right here.  She is very gentle and tender.

Kimber Leigh is a black and white girl that will bring us blue roans, black and whites, liver/white, tri colored and tri roans.  She is so full of life!  Loving the outdoors, she runs and hunts all the time.  She is very affectionate and with her sweet brown, soulful eyes, you cannot possible turn her down.  She is awesome with kids, loves to sit between my legs and has such a sweet disposition that can't be beat!