Rocky Mountain Springer Spaniels

 A Bit About English Springer Spaniels

English Springer Spaniels are a sport dog with a docked tail (I have sold them without docking them if you prefer) and do require exercise on a daily basis.  I would not call them "hyper" but they are active.  They average 40-50 pounds and are 19-20 inches at the shoulder, a medium sized dog.  English Springer Spaniels and Cocker Spaniels were originally born in the same litters; the smaller "Cockers" hunted woodcock while their larger litter mates were utilized to flush, or "spring," game.  I always thought they were called "Springers" because they jump straight in the air off all four feet when I got home but I was wrong!  They are a gun dog and a very versitile competitor.  Springers are blessed with style, symmetry, balance and enthusiasm,  combining beauty and utility.  The typical Springer is friendly, eager to please, quick to learn and willing to obey. Such traits are conducive to being easily managed and controlled, which is essential for appropriate handler control in the field.

English Springers are even-tempered, gentle, friendly, and sociable dogs that make great child companions and service dogs. Intelligent, skillful, willing and obedient and a quick learner, these dogs are hard to beat. Brave, playful, energetic, pleasant and cheerful, their tails are seemingly always in motion, making them the best greeters when you return home after a long day at work.. They are affectionate, good natured and sincere. This dog loves everyone so you must be careful that they don't jump in others vehicles and drive away with them!  Mine try it all the time.

Springers do best when they are with someone who provides consistent structure and the rules are made clear in a positive way.  They do well when provided daily physical and mental exercise.  I walk my dogs 2-4 miles per day and find they do well with this steady access to exercise. They can become destructive or bark a lot when left alone.  A strong authoritative leader of the pack is best, to keep them from taking over.  However, they do not respond well to harsh discipline.

One thing I have learned is that diet and exercise are crucial to excellent health.  I feed grain free and chicken free products to reduce allergy issues and minimize ear issues as well.  I fully recommend following this veterinarian's advice to maintain the health of your new pup.