Rocky Mountain Springer Spaniels


Maia's puppies arrived on 11/12/2019.  There are 7 gorgous Tri/tri roans.  2 males are still availableOwners do not pick their puppies until they are 4 weeks old. It won't be until they choose their puppies that I will know which are available.  Taking deposits for the 2 available ones.

Hollie's new puppies are here!!!

 One puppy is still available.  He is 4 weeks old.  He is a black tri and is the sweetest little guy and OH! those eyes!!! He is confident and such a love, always wanting to be in my lap.


Our FAVORITE book for new dog owners is:

 "How to Raise a Puppy That You Can Live With" (2nd edition)

ISBN 0-931866-57-X

by Clarice Rutherford and David Neil

Other good books include:

"Mother Knows Best"

ISBN 0-87605-666-4

by Carol Lea Benjamin


"Good Dogs Great Owners"

ISBN 0-446-51675-9

by Brian Kilcommons

"Purely Positive Obedience"

by Sheila Booth

 Also, if you have children or plan to have children, then we highly recommend the book:

"Child-Proofing Your Dog"

ISBN 0-446-67016-2

by Brian Kilcommons

There are also several good puppy training videos:

“Sirius Puppy Training” (phone 1-800-462-0005)

by Ian Dunbar