Hi!  Welcome to my site.  I am located in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  I do accept visitors by appointment to visit my dogs but not to visit the puppies unless you are the owner.  My litters have been selling before they are conceived and born so I require a nonrefundable $600 deposit on all puppies in order to be placed on a list to hold a puppy for you.   I require people buying a puppy to live in a house (not apartment or condo) as I have found from experience Springers need their own home.  Rocky Mountain Springer Spaniels reserves the right to the first pick of any litter.  Pick of the litter is determined by the order of deposits received.    A person can choose which puppy and as many puppies as they would like (as long as they are not all spoken for) during their choice.  You may wait to choose your puppy or puppies until there is someone who puts a deposit down for the next pick.  Then you will need to choose within 24 hours so they can choose their puppy.  If something should arise, the deposit can be rolled ahead to another litter but will not be refunded.  Black and white or liver and white puppies are sold for $1,200.  Roan puppies are $1,500 and tri color are $1,800 and Tri-roan are $2,000  All puppies are sold with an AKC limited registration.  This is a non breeding contract  and puppies are required to be spayed or neutered by twelve months.  Proof of completion of this procedure is required to be sent to breeder at which time the registration form will be sent to you (failure to do this results in the breeder still actually owning the pup as it is registered in my name until you send the form in to change that).  Dew claws and tails are done by 4 days old.  If you do not want the tails done then I will need to know which pup you want by then.   The puppies will have their 1st set of shots and will have been wormed 3 times when you take your new family member home.  If you require picking up the puppy after 8 weeks of age there will be a $20/day charge for continuing the boarding.  All puppies must be paid for in full with cash before going home with their forever family. You can send the deposit via Walmart, VENMO,  ZELLE, or Gooddog.com (they charge you a fee) and can bring the balance with you in cash or use one of these methods.

When you come to visit and to pick up your puppy please leave other animals at home.  They may have their shots updated but many diseases that are fatal to the litter are carried on paws.  I work hard to keep the kennels clean and safe guard against anything that can bring harm to the puppies.  Please take care to help protect them when you come.

You will want to make an appointment to have your pup looked at by a vet within 72 hours of leaving the breeder.  This ensures that the health guarantee is in place.  Springers can be the best life long companions especially when properly trained.  We recommend that you arrange to have your pup trained, or better yet learn to train it yourself as it teaches you how to work with your own dog.  You Tube has oodles of good videos to show you how to do this.  Zac George is one of my favorites.  Check him out on the link below.

If for any reason you need to sell your dog or give it away, I have you sign a contract stating that I get the first option to assist you in this process. 

I have had many folks ask what kind of food dogs can safely eat.  I found this link to help you out:  http://www.akc.org/content/health/articles/fruits-vegetables-dogs-can-and-cant-eat/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=yourakc-20161024

What Is a Guardian Home?

What is a Guardian Home? 

A Guardian Home is a great opportunity for a person or family to enjoy a "pick of the litter" puppy that is being considered for breeding by Rocky Mountain Springer Spaniels. These dogs are the best of the best as I always choose the best from my litters in order to better the breed. A Guardian Dog is one that we enter  in an agreement with together.  You would receive  a puppy from me to raise as your own for a small fee ($500). Then when the pup is of age to breed, you would bring her back to be bred.  When the time for whelping arrives you would bring her back again a week before her due date.  She would whelp here at my house and the pups would be raised until 8 weeks of age.  Your dog is then returned to you until the next time we breed her.  There is a deposit to ensure commitment by the Guardian Home which is then reimbursed over the time of the breeding career. The dog remains the property of Rocky Mountain Springer Spaniels until the end of the breeding career and then becomes the Guardian Home's dog forever after. Typically at the age of 5 years, the dog then has completed her career in breeding and the contract is fulfilled at which time she will be spayed.

There is a commitment and willingness to be flexible for the needs of Rocky Mountain Springer Spaniels, but I believe it is well worth it to receive what is typically a "cream of the crop" puppy. The value of the pup is often $1,200-$2,500 so a contract is necessary.  There is a need for me to find the perfect home with the following requirements:

Is a Guardian Dog right for you?

*Guardian homes must own their own home (cannot live in an apartment or condo)
*Have a fenced yard
*You must have a schedule that will allow for your dog to not be left alone for extended periods of time
*Willing to take obedience classes

*Willing to exercise the dog daily for at least an hour a day.
*Live a reasonable distance from my location here in Cheyenne, Wyoming
*Flexibility when I need access to the dog for breeding purposes
*Provide the same food that I am feeding my dogs so that when visiting my home, the transition is easier
*All dogs and pups placed with guardian families must be indoor dogs (though may  be outside for periods of time)
*Must have reliable transportation, and a willingness to bring the guardian dog to me when needed throughout  the  year (I will reimburse you for your expenses).
*All dogs in the Guardian home must be neutered dogs.
*Guardian homes are responsible for everything else: yearly vaccinations (I require proof of this), vet bills that are not related to the breeding of the dog, regular flea and worming treatments, grooming, obedience classes.  

If you feel you would be a good fit to raise, nurture and love one of my Guardian Dogs, please contact me. Also let me know that you are interested in this program in your message.  ~Denise Root

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